what would happen if i posted "i am voting for trump" on my facebook page

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immediate disembowlment
2 13%
moderately timed expressed dissapointment
4 27%
rage from my peers
6 40%
love from supporters who were afraid to say the same thing
3 20%
Voters: 15.
Do it and find out

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Actually, I think most of your friends would assume you're being ironic and like/ignore it.
You'd probably get shot.

By Hilary.
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they would love it, a lot of people on facebook have worked for me and they love what I've done for them, I built a great company and I hire many people from facebook...they love me
You'd have to change your location to Edgeville and then delete your facebook page for being so brave, such anti-establishment
2nd post would be:

"Just as Maggie said, my friend Nancy makes $4000/^$#a month working from home ---> its so easy I $ couldn't believe how $$$ easey it was --find sldkf.ng"
I could care less who anyone votes for. I think all candidates are jokes and have been for a while. I know the most qualified people out there arent running, or would never make it due to lack of financial support and selling out. The president is basically elementary school x infinity. Thought you could be class president by handing out pencils, and buying chocolates, maybe giving up your turn for teatherball, maybe telling them youll be their best friend, nothing has changed, theres just more resources. I thought obama was fine. He seems like a normal human being that isnt going to do anything stupid. If it was up to me, I would elect Garry Kasparov as president, I trust his judgment. I dont trust anyone elses.
I'd be all like LOL! He thinks voting matters! Like he has some voice or something, how cute.
People would respect your opinion and continue with their day.
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There's no option for "when did you catch being American, and I hope like hell it isn't spreading".
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OP you'd look like a dick whether people thought you were being ironic or not
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3d9310rd is far more upset than i 
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2nd facebook post: "...et lessons for free for poor children all over the country"

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we shud all do this and screenshot the results

Currently doing this except I combined it into one post
They probably wouldn't care or wouldn't bother responding. Not everyone is eager to jump into a pointless political debate like in the pit.