I have an Ibanez Jem and want to to make a change to its standard wiring. I want to add a push-push pot to change position 1 to split neck, 5 to split bridge, and 3 to be split neck and bridge. Similar to this:

Except he has where 3 in the normal setting is neck and bridge instead of middle.
Edit:The Middle is also noiseless.
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Are you using Ibanez stock pickups or something along the lines of Dimarzio? as I know most Ibanez guys tend to go with dimarzio. Regardless start here.

to do a coilsplit it's very easy, this is your push pull, below it is also a way to cheat and do so.

Would you want to split the middle by itself and have the outer two pickups split as well? or what works best for you? Technically you can split all three on one push pull and do what is called the 7 way mod. The 7 way mod you'd be able to use all 3 pickups or the outer 2 for some sounds RG and strats cannot get out of the factory.

so how would you do one or more pickups coilsplitting to a single push pull, assuming you got the right color code

and here's how you cheat to make life easier splitting coils.

for the switch and the wiring I'll get back to you. Personally here's what I'd do if you have a common 5 way blade not the megaswitch. However if your heart is set on what you're after I can draw it out in photoshop as I've got nothing exciting planned for today and it's a basic diagram.

standard RG wiring , replace the hot leads bridge and neck (super easy)
one push pull to split all 3 coils (it can be done) - you split only the pickup(s) selected
one push pull to do what is called the 7 way mod.
tone you can have the boring treble cutting one , you can replace the capacitor with an audio transformer (1 to 5 henries) to cut mids; if the pickups are too muddy my beloved fender greasebucket mod. At most you're spending 3$ to do any of those two mods.

so this way you can split all 3 coils for roughly 10 sounds and the 7 way mod you get about 14

this is the 7 way mod , but again if you want what you're after reply back and we'll see what can happen as I like to give people ideas.
I'm switching to Seymour Duncans and I want to do the push pull splits all of the pickups and switches 3 to neck and bridge on. If I could get a diagram that would be helpful, because I am no good at wiring speak.
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good point , honestly if you tin each wire and take your time considering you got a pickguard I can imagine for stuff not to wobble you should do fine. But since it's your guitar lets see what I can do.

ok so as we know in this diagram the dimarzio color code is below, we're starting here so we're on the same page as well as to just be a bit observant in the harness.

and we're switching it to this

so with the first jpeg i posted from my photobucket it's our push pull. The switch allows you to split the coil of the pickup selected. This means you'd get your neck and bridge spitted in isolated positions.

Now the hard one is if you'd want the bridge and neck splitted at the same time. It's much much easier to split the 3 pickups than it is the outer 2 on an Ibanez to any 3 pickup guitar. The issue of course is that an RG cannot use the bridge/neck pickup at the same time because of the basic 5 way switches if you see just 7 or 8 contacts and it's not a megaswitch. Basic 5 way switches you get of course the basic 5 sounds.
bridge middle
middle neck

so what is missing? yeah , you got it. all 3 pickups and the outer 2. Yngwie Malmsteen and Ritchie Blackmour (Deep Purple) have a non-functional pickup in the middle of their strats to actually get those unique sounds. Without the 7 way mod you'd never be able to split the outer 2 coils at the same time.

doing a quick photoshopped photo this is what 3 coilsplitted pickups would look like. I'm pasting humbuckers but they can be anything.
this is what i meant earlier by the way, may look hard but i wanted to make it as simple and colorful as possible

check my photo bucket if you want the bridge in position 1 and the neck in position 5 if you don't like it. I also explain in more detail how to use the audio transformer, its the same 2 solders and costs less than an orange drop everyone runs to. The difference is it cuts mids for a thinner sound without any buzzing.