Hi guys.
Can you recommend some speaker that wont kill the amp sound nor my neigbours.
I dont have certain budget right now. I ll buy something used. I live in apartment. With neighbours above and under me too.... (Sad...)
And just curious. I wanna upgrade from my Bandit 112 to tube amp. I know wattage isnt about loudness but is 20W tube head gonna be more usable at home then 80W Transtube???
I m more metal guy so pre amp dist will do it for me....
It's not going to be "more" usable if you're using preamp distortion and worrying about volume levels.

The ideal apartment situation is to have a preamp (or preamp section of your amp) that can be engaged separately from the power amp section. Put another way, if you can use the preamp of your guitar amp with headphones and turn the power amp bit completely off, you have the ideal apartment-compatible amp. It doesn't mean you can only use it with headphones; you can probably feed the preamp section to a set of nearfield powered recording monitors for low volume localized use as well.

Tube combo amps/heads are simply not the ticket.

I've had "separates" for years -- a tube preamp in the form of a Mesa Triaxis or a Carvin Quad-X or a modeler like a Pod HD or an Axe FX will allow you to run headphones, powered recording monitors, even computer speakers for output. When it came time for *loud*, the same preamps can be run through a 100W tube power amp (I have a Carvin TS100) or a 1500W solid state power amp (surprisingly, cheaper and lighter than the tube power amp).
That s good idea but I want something more portable. And for me head is head.
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And for me head is head

That's what SHE said!

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That s good idea but I want something more portable..

There are usually three components of an amp: the preamp, the power amp and the speaker (with cabinet).

The usual guitar amp head combines the preamp and the power amp section in a box and you have to pair that with a cabinet with a speaker at some point.

If you use a separate preamp or modeler, you have to pair that with a powered speaker of some kind to have the same number of pieces and the same (or better) portability.

It's difficult to get some guitarists to think outside the box (in this case the head cabinet); they're pretty much stuck a half-century ago in the '60's and are unaware that things have changed around them.

There are, these days, a ton of powered speakers out there, ranging from the very traditional (I have three Atomic Reactors, which are closed-back 1x12s and 2x12s with 18W and/or 50W tube power amps built in) to PA style (look up a Carvin PM12A, which has a 400W power amp in a cabinet with a 12" LF driver and a 1" HF driver, weighing around 30 lbs) to wedge style (look up the Atomic CLR wedge) and so on. The Atomic Reactors are traditional weight and construction (heavy) but the PA and wedge style are in the 30 lb range (light).

Rackmount preamps can drop into rack *bags* with shoulder straps. Footpedal preamps (Pod HD500X, Axe AX18, Zooms, etc.) also fit into bags. The "bean" sized Pods fit into even smaller shoulder bags and even into the accessory pockets of some guitar gig bags.

That's about as portable as you can get.
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I can get my amp whisper quiet.

How are those little Pocket PODs? Hmmmmm...
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I can get my amp whisper quiet.

I can do that, too. But with the headphones on, I can totally destroy my hearing.

The little Pocket Pods are...uh...okay.