hey guys

Looking to start buying a PA system. I play in a cover band, foo fighters, system of a down, Rage against the machine etc. no screaming or crazy metal.

I'm looking for an easy to move but solid system. Budget is <1000$ not including speakers/mics/cables.

I need a case, amp, mixer, power conditioner. Anything else I need and don't know about.

Here is what I've picked out so far. About 700$

-power conditioner (100$)
Livewire 11-Outlet Power Conditioner and Distribution System

-amp (230$)
Behringer iNUKE NU3000 Power Amp

-mixer (220$)
Behringer RX1202FX Eurorack Pro Rackmount 12-Input Mixer

-case (150$
Eurolite 6U 19" Rack Mount Amp Case 6U

Right now all I need is to be able to hear the vocals at rehearsal. But I want to buy gear that will work for gigging as a cover band at bars and events. And also possibly some DJ events.