I've tried a B string up to .62 and it's still flimsy. I'm using a 25.5" scale 7 string and was wondering what others used for a tighter low B that can also be used for drop A.
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Dead ass I used a 70 and that was good enough for me and I like tight strings. I made a few custom sets that was basically a 10-52 set with a 70.
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I use this in open C with the extended G:

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When I had a seven, I just used the same strings as on a six stringers, and I bought singles for #7, you can get singles pretty cheap, buy a few different gauges and see what you like best.
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I did the same as the poster above me, following my luthier's advice. I'm using a 9-46 six-pack, and settled on 58 for the low B (standard tuning).

Then I did the same with my 6-string guitar in drop C#: I'm using a 10-46 pack and change the lowest string for a 54 (which gives me a similar feel as the 46 with the string tuned 1 1/2 step lower).

So I'd suggest that you find something you're comfortable with in standard tuning, add something like 6 to the gauge to find what could be nice in drop tuning, and start from there.
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I use DR 11s. I believe the low B is .60. It is fine to me.
I use 11-70 for drop A on mine. It's pretty tight, but I like it tight.