I may try some different pickups in a guitar, but I don't know which brand or model. I can listen to Youtube videos or sound files all I want, but none of those will tell me what the pickups will sound like on my guitar.

I bought some Klein Vintage 59 pickups for my Strat a couple of years ago and lucked out. They sounded great. The problem is that Kleins and other brands are expensive. It would be easy to burn through money trying different models.

Is there a good place to find used pickups?
not really. some guitr shops that do a lot of repairs might have the occasional used pick up laying around. places like craigslist also have used pickups but i rarely see anthing that is good mostly hey i replaced my epi LP pups so i'm selling the originals. ebay may have them as well.
eBay and Craigslist.
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ebay, craigslist, reverb, SSO marketplace, Music Gear Exchange on Facebook, any other guitar forum marketplace.
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