I have it narrowed down to the Ibanez RG421 line of guitars but I would like some help.

I like the look of the RG421PB (flat transparent grey) $399. It has the poplar Burl top with a mahogany body and Ibanez INF pickups

or the RG421RW with a Rosewood top and mahogany body with Quantum pickups $399.

The only difference I see is the INF verses the Quantum puckups and Poplar Burl vs. Rosewood tops. Is on better then the other?

Also is the RG421PB or RW worth the extra $100 over the Ibanez RG421 RG Series for $299.

Thanks for your input. I can't wait to get started learning.
either is fine, you'll want to upgrade the pick-ups in a cheaper guitar like this anyways. get it a nice set-up and that small upgrade down the line and it will do you good.