Ugh, I wish I actually googled Tom Hess before signing up for the online lessons. Lots of people have had this same issue with him apparently. It feels like he preys on people's guitar problems and promises individualized attention but doesn't deliver, he's all talk and nothing to back it up.

I reached out to him explaining how his lessons were practically nothing but marketing material (I've used truefire, justin guitar, taken lessons elsewhere) and all his stuff is basically promotional. I expected there to be something substantial once you pay. I don't mind paying for educational materials but this was the WORST quality and least useful and the most expensive of anything I've bought. Not only is everything super complex to navigate, he basically tells you to participate in a forum to get better at guitar. Ummm...wow, great method.

And his magical practice generator is a very crappy excel doc where you have to input your own practice items. There is NOTHING individualized about the lessons, it's a sham.

Additionally, he makes it very difficult to unsubscribe and is unbelievably ego driven and rude and aggressive. Scary guy. Wish I did my research before giving in to his marketing hoopla.

Did anyone manage to get a refund from him?

Just wanted to warn people not to fall for his scam.
Ohhhhhhhhhhh boy. Yeah, he used to post lessons on here before he got banned. Best of luck getting your money back from that dickhead.
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That's a fucking shame. I don't have any experience with online guitar lessons but I can imagine the pain you go through. Maybe get a real guitar teacher instead. Hopefully there are some good ones in your area. Don't go to those dickheads who want you to do everything their way. But the best education you can get is figuring stuff out by yourself. It's rewarding as fuck.