Hey guys! Here's a slightly older clip I posted on my facebook artist page a few months ago that someone suggest I throw up on youtube. So here ya go ! Its a section from one of my favorite Marty/Jason moments off "Burn the Ground" on Cacophony's first album 'Speed Metal Symphony'.

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Cacophony - Burn the Ground Cover
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You've got great technique. I studied classical for a while so the whole time I was watching this I couldn't help but think you'd fit right in the classical world. The right hand wouldn't be only thing that needed adjustment unless you're a pro with finger style already
Thanks man! I liken playing metal to classical in the sense that there is an ideal vision (the recording) that you try to replicate as closely as possible, while adding your own flavor. I haven't studied any classical but I did study jazz and contemporary music for a while. I'll settle for a pick, but all that right hand flinger style always blows my mind though!
Dude this is Awesome !!! I love Cacophony that band is outstanding and it´s insanely hard to play !

if you like check out my Jason Becker cover ! cheers