Hey people ! So i bought a strat neck that its already finished with lacquer and i tried to install some fender locking tuners on it BUT turns out that the headstock was more thicker than your average fender neck so i sanded the back part of the headstock to have a good fit for the tuners, now everything fits perfectly but that leaves me with the back of the headstock being completely unfinished, i mean its all "raw" so i don't know what to do with it, can i leave it like that? Do i have to finish it? If so, Do i forcefully have to finish it with lacquer? I was thinking on using tung oil or something like that because i don't have the spraying kit needed for the lacquering process
Two choices -- you can buy a basic rattle can of clear lacquer (that saves the "spraying kit" business) or you can tung oil/linseed oil/walnut oil it. I'd recommend the rattle can.

There are cheaper available, but this is the stuff: