Is anyone aware of a feature that allows people to post private tabs for their own use? If not it would be a great feature.

I gig a lot of a function material and in one of our sets we do a mash-up of three songs and since it's our own arrangement there isn't an existing tab for it. I made one and submitted but for various reasons it was rejected 3 times I have now corrected the very small (and unnecessary details it was rejected for, like not having the chords listed on every line, which for a song with a 4 chord turn around I thought was a little overkill...) Anyway I was just thinking it would be so useful to have a private tab section for private use so you don't have to:
A) Wait for the approval system
B) Worry about having to over label it with verse makers, chords on every line etc... As long as I can understand it's fine!
What about guitar pro? Or if you don't want to shell out the money (or get *ahem* "creative") to procure it Tux Guitar. I have no experience with Tux but from what I understand it is free to download and can read both guitar pro files and power tabs. I could be wrong but I'm assuming it allows you to create tabs too.

(I don't know if I'm breaking any rules here? I'm not advertising by any means, just trying to help a brotha out)
Cheers for the responses I'll check them out, seems like it would be a useful feature to incorporate though! My tab was rejected again because...

"Seems to be a compilation of multiple existing songs' chords." which is precisely what it was and I would have loved to have used it at my gig rather than screenshot separate tabs and swipe quickly during stops in the song!

Anyway rant over it's just a shame that such a good service doesn't easily let you use your own charts in instances like this.