Budget? - 200usd give or take 25-50

Favorite Artists? - Shred, jazz, etc.

Preferences? - Before I quit I loved Ibanez S series, but it's a bit out of my budget. Preferably no floating trem though. 24 frets is also kind of a must.

Pickups? - Passive, humbuckers and single

New or Used? - Either

Location? - South Bend, IN

Current Gear? - Few pedals, nothing relevant

Stopped playing for awhile, looking to get back in on a budget. I use to play an Ibanez S570 and loved it. Would prefer Ibanez again, but not sure what is going to get me close to an S series for my budget.
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Used gear is your friend when working with a budget. A lot of RG and even some S series from Ibanez an be found in your budget range. If you are able to hold out a bit longer, save up a bit more cash, you will have even more options available.

If you like Ibanez, and that is what is most familiar to you, it makes sense to go that route if you're starting to play again. Not saying you have to, but my advice is to go with what you know.
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Here is an Ibanez S series but it has a FR. You can easily block the trem though or make it dive only so changing tuning, string changing and breaking strings isn't an issue

and get a trem stopper
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Wander over to the Rondo Music (dot com) website. You should be able to find several options within your budget.
Rondo is a good option. Used RG, too. Although, those are hard to find without a Floyd (or derivative)
If you want fixed bridge, check out Schecter Omen series, too. A used Omen 6 is well within your budget. I have one that I keep downtuned and i love it.
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Well, I DID used to own an S570 which had a floating trem. So it's not as much of an issue as I might have made it out to be. I just rarely used it, and it made setup more of a pain than it needed to be.

That GC link is great and I'll keep an eye on it to see if it goes anywhere. I've used Rondo before, not sure if they have anything in my price range that is worth it. The Agile guitars start closer to the 300 price mark, no?

Only ever tried one schecter and I hated it, honestly. Then again is was some 100usd model so I'll give them another shot.