I bought a used Jackson KVMG pro and upon arrival, it didn't work. The seller paid for a new wiring kit but I can not get this going at all!
I would like to wire it so that the push/pull is the master volume with the other knob being the tone.
Following this diagram (exactly as the picture shows using H1, H3 and H5), I can get both pickups working at the same time when the toggle switch is on the bridge position with volume and tone working but nothing on the neck or middle position of the toggle switch)
This should be the last page (page 4)
Diagram #9
2 Pickups (1 EMG + 1-89)
Toggle Style Select Switch
Push-Pull Pot as Master Volume
with a Master Tone (Passive)

I think my problem is somewhere on the push pull pot along with the toggle switch. I have wired it as shown in Diagram #7 and the push pull, tone and pick up work fine. I plugged the 81 in by trial and error with that set up and I know it works but that is bypassing the 3 way toggle switch and the pickup/battery buss.

The three way toggle switch is brand new. The paper work/instructions are confusing me because the picture is different than the actual instructions and some other stuff I found on line is different too.

I am afraid that no one is understanding what I am talking about but I have spent hours on this already and Google has failed me. I am getting confused by the terms "input" and "output" because I generally think of a guitar jack as an input but in this case, it is an output. If a guitar shop was close enough, I would pay to have someone end this misery.
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Well the master volume is the push/pull and the other knob is the tone, no other way to wire it.

You didn't leave the old wiring and just replace the hardware parts one by one to see what gets it working? Often guitars aren't wired the way customer manuals explain it.
I was going to just replace the pots but after removing everything, the battery wires had been squished beyond flat from the battery compartment and the input wires were also damaged. Someone was in a rush at the factory or a previous owner went crazy. The push pull pot had been re-soldered and one of the clips had plastic melted almost to the copper so I just tore everything out and started fresh. I found another diagram from emgs website and it is different than the paper work.. You can in fact optionally wire the push pull as volume just for the 1 pick up, tone for just 1 pick up or as a master tone.
Solved. After trying every combination and studying every wire diagram ever, I decided to try mixing some of the old parts, namely, the in/out bus. Turns out, the new one just isn't working for whatever reason. Since the connections were different, I did have to do some ugly wire splicing but it did work. Thanks.
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So you got the guitar sounding like it's meant to? Congrats!

Well, I can knock on the pickups and hear them clunking in the amp correctly. Not sure if the push pull is working though. Now I have another problem. Since I was going to restring it, I noticed that there is a substantial crack in the fret board from the 5th to the 7th fret that can be felt while playing. Pretty bummed to discover that. I contacted the seller but I don't know if he will work with me. At this point, I am thinking about returning it. I think it has been worked on before and that's why it was a store return...
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I'd return it as well. Too many problems. Better get your money back and look for something better.