Hi! As someone who is completely new to guitar, i'm kinda at loss for what i should be prioritising in practice. i'm slowly learning the chords, and am trying to get them memorized. i find some tabs to songs i know of/like and play slowly through a couple verses, and practice those to see if i can get my speed up when changing chords. I know bits and pieces of theory from some piano lessons, so im putting that off for a bit. But is this enough for fairly causual playing? I dont really plan on being super serious about guitar right now as i'm pretty busy with school, but i would like to play some of my favourite songs.
Also, i have an acoustic. Does this change anything? I do want to eventually get an electric as i like their sound better, but are there any acousic-specific things i should know?

I know this is a lot so if you dont want to anwser it's fine, but if you cant answer, maybe send a link to resources that can?

also, on another note, sometimes i tend to over strum (?) when practicing wih the strum patterns, such as strumming five or maybe all six strings on the A chord or something liky that. Is this a matter of practicing more, or is there a technique involved? I've heard of people muting unplayed strings, but its not something that seems common and i dont seem to have long enough fingers for it. :/
nothing replaces time on the instrument. Guitar is an instrument that takes longer to feel comfortable playing, not as instantly rewarding as getting sounds out of a piano or drum for example. Takes time for the physical demands to kick in.

What are some of your favourite songs you would like to play?
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a guitar does take more time than a piano :c
although on the bright side, my fingers do not hurt as much as i imagined it would

currently, i'm switching between boulevard of broken dreams, young volcanoes, and this is gospel, since i can play the chords in them, although speed and strumming is something that i really need to improve on...
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You should take formal tuition from a guitar teacher. This will save you hundreds of hours of trial and error and keep you loaded up with targets and a sense of direction.