Hey, I have run into a problem I can't seem to fix. When I open the standalone version of Addictive Keys, my midikeyboard won't produce any sound. However, if I open it as a VST in Cubase, I DO get a sound with the keyboard. Any idea why? Some added details:

- It has nothing to do with octave, sliders, knobs or pedals I think, I checked those.
- The audio settings are as they always were: ASIO, Komplete Audio 6 (my interface) etc.
- I used to get sound out of the standalone, but suddenly, not anymore.
- This problem is also happening with Kontakt. If I open the standalone I don't get a sound out of anything, but in Cubase, it's fine.
- My midi keyboard (Axiom 49 MKII) also has the drumpad/touchpad squares at the top right. Those used to produce sounds as well, but not anymore.
- If I go into the standalone version of either Ad. Keys or Kontakt, you can bring up a virtual keyboard in the program. If I click on these keys, I DO get sound. Also, things like previews of the sounds in Ad. Keys produce sound just fine.
- This has happened once before, but it was suddenly fixed, and I don't know how....

If I think of anything else, I'll add it. So, anyone got any suggestions?
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It's probably your drivers communicating with each other; as the board gets plugged in it's likely switching audio drivers. Then, when you open Cubase etc, that program is probably switching the drivers back. You probably updated or syncd the keyboard to either ASIO or your programs, which means when it gets plugged in it logs in and switches the drivers over - just not the right ones

As of how to fix it... Well my first question would be, does it matter that much?

Oh and for those touchpad squares, man are Axiom are a real bitch to get things working sometimes. I had that problem and fixed it - and now I have forgotten how. I like their products but as for support, why is the download page so hard to access?

I would bounce around google and youtube, if I remember correctly a guy on YouTube (after searching Axiom Air mini 32 pad fix or something) showed how to get them working and provided a link to either Axiom's hidden page or to a google doc with a patch download.

If TLDR; try and find the patch/update from Axiom that enables the pads to work again and could probably solve everything. My memory is really hazy on it because i tried so many things, but it's like a setup program that wires in all the pads again. Sorry I can't give more details
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