Hello there. Thanks for taking the time to check out my track.

This is a nice little piece. It sounds like it would make a sweet intro to a song. I like the tone you have for your lead guitar part, but the first section of it (on the lower strings) was a little too dominant over the backing track. It could be that simply turning it down would work, although this may make the level of the higher parts of the lead too low. If that were the case then perhaps try EQ'ing out some of the lower mids on the lead track - that might reduce the dominance over the rhythm part and give it more space.

Anyway, nice work and well played.

Hello Victor, thanks for the crit.

I like the riff that this piece is centred around, it's very open and free, evidenced by the myriad of different solos parts that you were able to derive from it in just a minute of playing. My only criticism really is that it is a bit short and ends a bit abruptly, I'd love to hear a full fleshed out song, this at the moment sounds like a great freestyle, but it would be more memorable as a full song.
I immediately dig the tone of the rhythm guitar, it has a lot of character, sets the mood for the song, and provides a good foundation for the lead that soon follows. When doing computer mixing, I always find it's helpful to get away from the computer and listen to the song somewhere else to see if it sounds the way I want it to sound and then I come back and tweak it. I think the lead guitar could be a little lower in this without losing any of it's clarity, but decisions like that come down to personal preference. I'd say noob or expert, you'll never make a mix that every thinks is the "best possible," so you might as well get it sounding how you like that and make it part of your style.

If you would like to c4c, I'm looking forward to hearing your ideas on my tracks at this link