Hey, thanks for the crit. This sounds very spaced themed and would work well in a game. I like the beat to the song it has bit of a funky feel to it. The best part for me is the keys melody before you go into the verse. I really enjoyed the musical side of this track
I really like how the intro starts, like said above the synthesizers have a video game vibe. I like the solo 1:26 it give off a space oddessey type feel, really cool! The drums do what they are meant do to and it does it well along side the badazz bass synthesizer you created. Wow the vocals have gotten so much character and control since ive last heard you (year ago maybe) very cool lyrics and vocal changes like at 0:48. I think the way you sing feel like "water" and the instromental is "space or the unknown " becuase the ocean is just as mysterious!
Well all in all it was a great listen my friend.

(I was actually thinking i havnt heard from Aaron in A while and then you commented lol )
I agree that it sounds a lot like a retro video game track, and the vocal style really lends itself to the psychedelic theme so you're right on the money there. I understand the spacey vibe but personally it reminds me of the ocean, some of the synth sounds like whale song to me

I like how it keeps throwing different riffs at you but has a simple and catchy underlying beat the whole way through. Definitely an intriguing and unconventional track, your music style is certainly anything but boring. Interested to keep up to date with your stuff.
Getting back at you for the c4c.

I am digging the 80s retro groove. I like the programming and structure of the song. Takes me back to some 80s/90s style movies (Ghostbusters pops into mind).

Now I don't want to sound harsh with the vocals, but they are out of key most of the song. Kinda sounds like you are imitating David Bowie maybe? I am actually not very familiar with that genre of style at all. But anyway I do recommend a little more practice on the vocals because I see potential, you can definitely become a good vocalist!

I think 3 minutes is also a good length for the song. It's short which makes me want to listen to it again, but not too short that it feels incomplete.

Overall, good :P
Great job this is one of my favorite songs from you. I like how your lyrics can be interpreted in whatever the individual would like it to mean. The solo toward the end sounds awesome it's a big sound.
Thanks for the crit. This intro sounds really cool with the synthesizers the vocal effects are a bit overkill for my taste but thats more personal preference I believe not delivery. The sound to this cherish though is pretty solid got a real 80s synth vibes to me. Sounds like should be a classic scifi movie intro, really cool sounding.
Good job man! I dig the feel of the song overall. Like a lot of people have said it has a nice retro feel to it. I really like the part that starts around 2:08. The only real criticism I have is that the cymbals sound just a little too loud for my preference.
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Thank you for the reviews, I appreciate it! David Bowie is an influence, though I can't say I was trying to sound just like him in this particular song. Bowie is my favorite male singer, and I know I'm never going to sound as good as he does.
Hi Aaron. I like your song Cherish! Very cool. Your song reminds me of many cool thinks that were imprinted in me in the 80ies but also has a really unique character and feeling. I don't see how your song could be improved since it is a complete and authentic piece of art carrying a certain vibe. So congrats on that one! Regards, J
Hello and thanks for the crit on my track.

The section around the 1 minute mark got a little confused sounding for me. The swelling of the synth part sort of distracted me and didnt realy sit well. The drums also seemed to lose impact in that section. Other than that the mix is nice and crisp (as usual). I enjoyed the little solo section. Also the synth in the break part sounded cool.

Starts off very spacey then goes into a very 80's groove which I'm digging. I'm not a huge fan of the vocal style but that's just my opinion, they're on key and the harmonies are tight. The mix is done very well and the guitar tone is fantastic and fits the solo part. One bit of criticism is that as soon as I was really getting into it it just stops, it's a very short song, I believe it could be improved by adding maybe an extra verse/bridge.
Overall great work as usual Aaron.
C4C?: This fucking floored me man, such a nice rhythm to it. Some seriously nice playing man, it's very clean and the tone isn't too gainy either. Maybe turn the bass up more in the mix, but that's just my opinion. 1:46 is probably my favourite part. I'd maybe tighten the ending up a bit. Overall though I really enjoyed it man, It wouldn't be the music i'd normally listen to but I was entertained for the duration of the song, Keep it up!
C4C?: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=33766198#post33766198
Intro sets an 80s vibe that twists with perhaps some more recent, fantastical overtones. This song has a lot of movement and forward motion to me, reminding me of Kraftwerk and their love turning the sensation of transit into song. The vocals are like the songs fingerprint, unmistakably you and completely cohesive to the overall theme. Interesting beat shift when the part changes in the ~:40s. Some of the backing instruments and vocals could probably stand a slight decrease in volume during this section as they muddy a little around the lead vocal. The snare is noticeably absent at times during this section and some of that forward drive is lost that i was feeling in the previous section. The verse of this song is very infectious and the way it's consumed by the guitar solo in the ~2:10s is a great buildup. The song comes to a very satisfying close as it comes down from that culmination of the theme. It is a pleasure to review your music as always and I was glad to have received your feedback on my tracks as well.
Intro has an 80s synth pop vibe, with a very nice hook. I like your vocals as well very unique. But I feel like the track itself sounds a little muddy, and loud. I had to turn my computer volume way down in order to hear the track clearly. I like how you give the keyboard solos in between your vocals, its a good transition. I like the guitar solo as well great build up.
Please review my music here
Reminds of me talking heads, (at least the vocals). Synth solo was sweet. This seems well produced and the music is solid, but just not a big fan of the vocals, too much going on for my taste (at first listen at least, I bet I'd enjoy it more after a listen or two). Overall, definately interesting. I'll have to check out your other songs.
This was really interesting. I love the 80s vibe, especally the bass. Some nice lead synths too. It really reminds me of New Order from the 80s, if you have heard of them. I think you could improve the mix some. I would like some more compression, in the drums especally (try a slow attack and fast release, it will give them more punch). The vocals are ok, but could be improved. Overall great composition, really intresting.
You make so much music man! Haha.

Loving the 80's vibe. Have a few mates that would really dig this so will send them your way.

I actually got a Beavis and Butthead vibe from this one strangely enough. Almost as if they had taken an acid trip accidentally and were now headbanging away with multicoloured swirls around them.

Good work man and thanks for the comment!
Thanks for the crit!

I noticed a big fusion of styles going on, but most specifically a really great 80s sound. I really dig it! The production and instrumentation are both fantastic and I really enjoyed this one. The synths sounded incredible and the percussion/bass kept the song very alive and fun to listen to.
Instrumental side reminds me a lot of 80-90s disco stuff not my cup of tea and can´t crit very precisely because of that I don´t ever listen to this kind of music, but my parents would headbang
Sorry for the delay in response! My ear drum ruptured, and had me down and out for almost 2 weeks. Anyways, here goes!

Loving the intro. Very 80's esque, with that funky groove. The chord progressions in them are great. The vocals are very fitting, though there are a couple parts that seem really loud in comparison. Synth solo around 1:16 is awesome, and I LOVE the following piece after that, great way to transition into it. Synth solo at 2:14ish adds a great atmosphere to the outro of the song. Overall, I found it to be really enjoyable! Great groovy feel to it as usual!

Hi Aaron, this is a very belated return review (sorry it took so long). Really love the drums and the quality of the sound (what did you use to record them ?). Great work on the keyboards and also really liked the guitar solo stuff. Quite liking the panning on the keyboards and nicely balanced in the mix. You ask for comments realted to improvement. I just felt the mix got a bit overloaded at about 50 seconds when a few other things kick-in (choir type stuff, etc) - it made the lead vocal sit a bit too far back and became a little unclear there. Maybe just needed to back of the levels on some of the other stuff that joined in at that point. However, I really like this (especially being a 80s child !). Plus I think its quite original, you've put a heck of a lot of work into it - really creative.
Cheers John
Hey. I'm listening to your song Cherish. Not my usual music but this is pretty cool. I definately know someone who would love this.

To me this sounds like the theme tune to a sci-fi show. I can see the characters and ships in my mind already.

It also reminds me of the music played in an old lazy shoot out arena I used to play at as a kid. Thanks for the nostalgia.

Very 80's at most. A Bowie influences in places?

I'd really appreciate a C4C for my new demo. Here is a link to my C4C page. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1703457
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Thank you for the reviews, I appreciate it! If john.hoos.3 reviewed "Cherish", then the drums are toontrack Superior Drummer 2; the song was recorded on Cubase LE4. David Bowie is my favorite male singer, so he might have influenced me on some of the vocals. Otherwise, I can't think of anything that may have David-Bowie-influenced me directly on "Cherish". I do like most of Bowie's hit songs, so he's had a influence on me in general.