That was very beautiful. Great phrasing and feel, I personally would like something more dry tone-wise, with less echo and gain, but the tone is still very nice, if I only had an axefx But yeah, pretty great blues soloing.
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*note that by fan i mean that guy who wants his friends to know he knows this totally obscure hip band that only he knows about with 236 views on youtube. lookin' at Kev here
Nice looking and sounding geetar! With the sound you're getting, I find it surprising you're not using a pick. I can't finger pick guitar worth a dang, though sometimes I do that with an electric bass. My fingers get tired fast though. Nice guitar playing, general audio, and song! Perhaps you could review my music at this link:

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Thanks guys,
Yeah I do like a bit much reverb at times.
I usually use a pick but fancied digging in on this.