Hi, so I was just experimenting and wondered how a pedal effect can change the sound of my modelling amp. I had a cheap distortion pedal (Behringer WD300) and used it on a clean preset on my Mustang II. I was surprised because the sound was way heavier and sounds "cleaner" than the distortion presets that are in my amp. I finally found the sound that I was looking for (full, heavy and not fuzzy/messy, sorry that's how I can describe it). What should I do? Should I sell/trade my amp and get a non modelling amp or should I continue using it with my clean preset? Any advice would be helpful! Thanks!
If it sounds good to you then you do not really need to do anything. Tone is relative. Although someone with more experience with higher-quality amps might suggest that you get a new amp as you might be even happier with the tone you get. I guess you are playing metal or hard rock?

The Peavey Vypyr Tube 60 is considered to be much better on these forums for heavier tones.
Yes I am playing metal/rock. I will continue using it then until it doesn't make me happy anymore!