Just got a beginners, Yamaha F325D Acoustic for Xmas. Really want to learn how to play. I knew it would be a slow march uphill since I've never played a guitar before but seems it may be harder than I anticipated due to my fingers not cooperating.

I've started my learning process by attempting to do a simple dexterity exercise shown on THIS YouTube video authored by Erich Andreas. You take a single string (high E in this example) and play the string along the four upper frets. The video makes it look easy. Unfortunately my ring finger will simply not cooperate. Is there any exercise I can do to get my fingers to function properly for guitar playing?

Here is a picture of the guy's fingers doing this exercise in the above video. He makes it look simple & easy:

NOTE: Couldn't get the link insertion tool to work so here is the link to the video:

And here is what MY fingers look like while attempting the same. Note how my ring finger will not separate much from my middle finger and is slightly curved inward:

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