5 Way Switch. 1 Tone 1 Volume. (RG502QSTB)
Hello, this is my first time touching a soldering iron and I just bought a cheap one. I know nothing about electronics. I am a total noob. Uh.. please keep that in mind.

I searched wiring diagrams in the SD website and it shows red, white, green, black, and bare. The HB102B has red, white, green, and black only and no bare... do I still follow the wiring diagram in the SD website? Black to end of switch, red and white braided to middle-ish of switch, and green to ground.
I've read somewhere that DD Chinese pups have reverse wiring and green is hot. As I understand, DD is also made in other Asian countries, so how do I know which is the hot wire? If I just test both options is there a chance I get electrocuted if my wirings are off?

I just followed the Ibanez site. Bare to ground. Red and white somewhere specific in the switch. Apparently those long screws and springs aren't included. I'm online window shopping and there are different materials for the screws, steel, nickel etc.. does this affect the pickup in any way? ..because electromagnetic shizz.. //shrugs (I don't know how dumb that question is.)

Thank you very much for reading. ♥ ♥ ♥

EDIT: I realized the springs are like a cone. Does the larger diameter end point inside the guitar body?
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