Hey! I've installed 0.11-0.49 elixir strings on my Tele JR edition 25,5''. Is this a OK string gauge for Drop B? And if I need thicker strings - do I need to adjust something before changing? Thanks!
Try it, since they are on your guitar already, but they'll likely be pretty loose. I like to use an 11-54 set for tunings that low (Ernie Ball 2627 in my case). Also liked 11-56 and 12-60.
Be careful when going with 12s, as they sometimes come with a wound g, and sometimes not.

You might have to adjust your neck angle and intonation afterwards.
I've put a set of 11-70 GHS Boomers on a guitar for C standard, feels similar to 10-52 in E standard
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I'd probably try an .11-.54 gauge set for drop B, but still see how your current strings feel. You'll need to do a truss rod adjustment, to get the set-up and feel just right.
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Even for C standard I found 11-56 from ernieball to be way too loose, so I'd go with 12-60 or 12-62, but I like strings fairly tight - I prefer stuff like 11-48 for E standard.

Also as mentioned some 12 gauge strings come with the third string wound.
Some people are fans of it and some are not, but I am a big fan so I recommend trying that if you want strings that big.
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