Well I had the chance to pic up a NON-INFINIUM Bugera 6262 Head for a great price and I could not pass it up. If it was one of the new INFINIUM base heads forget it. I'd rather have control of the BIAS!

So even though the head was 9.5 out of 10 it is not going to fit and look right with my cabs that I made so start project Bugera 6262 Black.

This will entail the following:
1 - Choke & direct wire the Transformer
2 - Full Tube Swap and correctly biased.
3 - New Head box to match my 2 cabs
4 - Black out the Head.

I have a friend that owns a graph print shop and I am going to ask him to make a graph that I can over lay on the OEM silver face plate.

So here is what I am starting with (yes the 4x12 is not covered I am waiting on the Tolex )

I added a choke an easy and cheap upgrade that give a good bang for the buck.

Connected the Choke to R62 replacing the OEM Resistor(390), here is a 6262 schematic
**Be careful and make sure you bleed the caps out, they hold high voltage. There are few way to do it. I turn the amp on and take it out of standby monitoring the voltage, you will see it climb and them decline when the tubes start to glow. Leave it running for about five minutes and then shut the amp down and you can see the voltage drop out. The other way is to short out the positive side on the caps with a jumper cable. Connect one end to a good ground and in the other alligator clip have a 100Ohm resister and touch the positive side of the cap. The resistor stop the sparking, hold to each cap for a minute and then test the voltages.**

**If you re still unsure Google it or better yet take it to a pro**

6262 Schematic

The idea that I have is to make a new head box and cover it with the tolex that my other two cab are covered in, chrome black the Bugera logo and make a black on white back ground for the controls.

So I started on the head box, pretty easy just took measurement of the Bugera and into Sketchup.

Now with some Baltic Birch that I had left over form some of my cab builds hear is the rough out.

Clamped the pieces together and then used some short nails to hold it together.

I gutted the Bugera and checked the measurements and locations of all the mounting point. Transfer them to the rough head, Added some 5/16 wooden dowels.

Glued everything and then rounded the edges and then filled any holes and sanded.

Now it's ready for Tolex, I will use a Mesa Boogie texture to match with black corners.

I'll post more pics when I start to cover the cab with Tolex.

You can see more of the 2x12 and 4x12 cab builds Here

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Make sure the tolex is fire retardant.
Roses are red
Violets are blue
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Make sure the tolex is fire retardant.

What I have never heard of that, I just use Aluminium tape stripped under the chassis and on the top of the boxes never had any issues

You got a link?

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Got ya! The over lay is free because I'll do all the mock up in Illustrator and just take it to him to print!

I'll post pics once I have it and applied to the face plate!
Well when I get everything finished you can get them from my website that I am working on. Hope to launch in the spring


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