I have a Jackson JS32 guitar because i play mainly thrash/heavy metal with very high gain, but i love classic rock and blues rock, Jackson is "too heavy" for this genre, change pickups or guitar?
If you mostly play metal, keep your pickups that are geared for that. For blues, either compensate as said above, or get a second guitar. I'd say any blues and classic rock fan would enjoy a nice stratocaster. Maybe an HSS strat considering you like heavier stuff too.
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I agree with the above. I was in your exact situation with a B.C. Rich guitar. In the end I got an HSS Stratocaster and it has been lovely.
Guitars can be used to play any kind of music and will sound great if your amp is able to pull off the tones you like.

Get a new amp.
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Yup, dial in the appropriate settings on your amp, or get a different amp that can do rock and blues.