Hi all,

Iv been learning guitar for a few months now and have a lot of the techniques down however I just can't seem to get a grasp on changing chords I find I have to stop look where my fingers need to be and carry on.

I'm using an online course, youtube, and rocksmith on the xbox, I try and get in half an hour a day, but I was thinking are there any techiques I can try quietly after the wife has gone to bed, of course needs be quiet I was thinking just practising getting myhands in the chord shape, lifting off and seeing if I can hit it again.

My advice, and it's unfortunately probably not the advice you want to hear, is simply to keep going. The fact that you are doing it daily is great, and will definitely be helping. Over time, your brain will start to remember where the chords are and the exact movements you need to do.

If you are playing specific songs, keep trying to play them as you would normally, and try to hit the chords. If you don't, it doesn't matter, but you will find every so often that you do, and this will improve as you keep going.

As for staying quiet, unfortunately if you're playing acoustic there's no real way to do that. If you're on electric, then the noise of the strings alone shouldn't be too loud if played in a room elsewhere in your house.

Good luck my friend - you'll get there, I promise
Try this - https://youtu.be/i2nyZcazTtc

Before I saw the video, I actually worked out a similar method for myself, and I think it helped. Start with a few basic open chords (D/A/C/G), then add more, the minors, etc...

As for quiet - get some headphones for your TV/laptop/guitar amp. You want to be able to hear what you're doing - you'll hear when something isn't right.

Have fun!
It sounds like you're doing really well with your practice schedule. Keep doing what you're doing! Speed will come with time! All of the pros and most of the guys on this site have been practicing for years, so don't be discouraged or hesitate to ask questions to us! We'll be glad to help!