Hi Everyone! I'm a new join-in to this forum. Look forward to learning alot from you all!

Name is John and I am guitarist in a "surf band" in the dry (far from ocean) Tx. panhandle. Anyway; we are working up the great Jan & Dean classic: "Dead Man's Curve". In listening to the original song i notice it has a horn (either trumpet or french horn or even trombone) at the beginning. A tab I came across doesn't say what kind of instrument; it simply lists tab for: "horn and guitar" part duo for the beginning of the tune. Do you tech folks have any suggestions (other than hire a trumpeter or learn trumpet myself haha) how I might duplicate that horn sound on my elec gtr? Any effects pedal or some such synth that can make an electric 6 string sound like a brass horn? I would prefer a 100-300 dollar pedal rather than spending a ton more money and set up for a roland guitar midi rig. I not technically minded so any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

from the snowy panhandle