So a couple of days ago i decided to grab the old guitar that was sitting in the corner of the room for a couple of years after my father decided to buy himself a guitar but never really played it (i used to learn how to play the bass guitar but only for like 2-3 months). Mainly because i heard a song which i was really amazed by and the song is purple haze by jimi hendrix which just sounded amazing to me but also the fact that im trying to find a hobby and more of a meaning to my life but that's another topic , anyways my problem is im currently not that interested in taking classes since i don't have the money or the dedication, i mean i want to learn how to play the guitar but neither to learn theory and etc.
I semi managed to learn the basic intro of purple haze and i feel really happy of myself, i know that i should first learn open chords and stuff and than scales but the problem is i don't know how to? i mean, ill go into the internet search the chord forms than then strumming patterns and than finally songs but what than? scales? most sites just say each scale is but i don't really understand what they mean when they say minor scale or major scale and stuff. I feel that ill never progress in guitar because for the last week im just playing the purple haze intro and a couple of riffs i learnt from youtube. How do i progress from here? is it possible without taking a tutor or so?
If you don't want to learn theory, stop learning scales, they will help you with nothing, you're better off learning songs.
Learn basic tab songs first, then chords, then start learning harder tab stuff, it's a simple way that I've always noticed is pretty solid. Just learn to strum along to a few songs, then when you're comfortable with one song, move on to another.

Although, a tutor (which doesn't have to be formal and involving theory) is always helpful
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