Got a korg pitch-black pro for christmas. Now, i have lots of latency issues. Changed out the usb cable to a 3 footer. Have never had latency problems before but now they are very noticeable. I've used 3 guitars and all same issue.

set up goes guitar>pitch-black input>pitch-black output>scarlet 2i2 input>usb into macbook pro into amplitube 3. Speakers are 1/4" to xlr into a pair of KRK rokit 5's

Any thoughts?
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No idea why you're putting tuner in your chain, just unplug and tune or use Amplitube tuner.

If you take out the Korg, do you still have latency? Then adjust latency settings in your audio driver.

latency is still there even when bypassing the tuner so it isn't an issue with that. Where can I find the latency settings?
Sounds like a settings issue. The Scarlet and MacBook typically run very low latency.
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