Hi guys!

Lately I've been thinking about starting to record my music. I'm keen on buying a Scarlet Focusrite 2i4 so that my recordings can be top quality. But, untill I save the money I need for this product, I thought of connecting my amplifier to the computer in order to start making some tracks. I have a Fender G-DEC of 50W and I use Cockos Reaper as my recording software. I had to use a MIDI to USB adaptor as the G-DEC doesn't have a USB slot. My problem is that I don't seem to get any signal even though I've done the setup correctly. What can I do??? Maybe I could wait 'till I buy the 2i4 but there would be another dilema..I want to connect my amplifier to the 2i4 because I'd want to use some of the tones that I've set on my amp. Do you think that I will have the same problem after I buy that sound card? I will use two MIDI to MIDI cables to connect the amplifier to the 2i4.
I would ENORMOUSLY appreciate your help!