Of the guitars I am planning on modifying, the pickups are Job #1.
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I just ordered a GFS "import" tremolo with brass block,GFS roller string tree and GFS power rails bridge pups to.upgrade my lil yamaha pacifica 112v
replacing the toggle switch on my Gibson LP because the original one was always a bit... cruddy, really.
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I have a guitar with a tone knob I've needed to replace for years. And two of my SG Specials nedd to have the fret ends finished because Gibson's workers don't know how to file frets.
I've recently done several guitar mods, so not many else are planned.
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I need to get it a better player.
I started installing a series/parallel push pull switch on one of my 7 strings a while back, still haven't gotten around to finishing it. I've also ordered a new pickguard and pots for my '87 squier.
I plan to replace the Edge III tremolo on my Ibanez XPT700 Xiphos with an Edge Pro, I found out where I can order one direct from Ibanez.
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I am still happy with my 3rd upgrade I did in 2014 on my Stratocaster and for 20 years it is pretty good. It was electronics and gold hardware at that time but same '69 pickups since 1999!

I am thinking of change to my Jackson RR US custom to get a more suitable bridge in it as a Duncan SH6 is for agressive playing and tone which is to one sided for my style of playing. The guitar is basically still 98% stock since I got it new back in 1997. I properly going to try the SH4 JB which is more all round style.
I recently got a Schecter Banshee Active around last week and its killer guitar and the 5-piece neck (maple/walnut) basicly i love it just
And my old guitar is a Japan Aria guitar with HSH and floydrose i'm planing to change all the pickups to Dimarzio or SD
i'm thinking of
-Dimarzio Evo N/B
-Dimarzio JP set (crunch lab,liquid fire)
-Dimarzio Tone Zone S (single coil)
-SD Nazgul&Sentinent
-SD Hot strat single coil
Going to remove the tone pot and replace it with a kill switch (already have several) on my Schecter Damien Special FR. Someday years down the road I will replace the LFR with an OFR. The LFR has been rock solid for a good 6 years now with lots of abuse, so no point in replacing it yet.
Im thinking of replacing the multivariable resistor of my tone and volume knobs from 500K ohm to 1 M ohm. the tone will shift smoothly, and the volume can be said that it will change to Gain toogle. well i will play up my volume on the pedal volume.
yo guys what are some things i can do to upgrade my squier? It needs to be worked on a bit
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I actually have pickups, but just got the soldering iron, solder, etc last weekend.

I'll be replacing the pickups on my Dillion PRS Copy with real PRS pickups.

Shortly there after I'd like to have it professionally setup.
All my guitars are modded to shit so Im likely to not be doing anything for a while.

Maybe some new plastics for my RI and a nice lifton. Thats it
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