So I have a semi hollow. I've been schlepping it downstairs to my practice space in the basement, but keeping it upstairs in the case when not playing it. Is this neccessary? I live in MA and it's too expensive to heat the basement all day and all night. It's still inside so I doubt it gets below 45 degrees down there. Would it be ok to leave it down there full time on the stand?
It's big changes in temperature that cause the neck to warp and finish to crack. If you don't mind cold strings it won't do any damage. I'm also in Mass, and I have to do setups 2-4 times a year due to the humidity (when I lived in Arizona i had to do maybe 1 setup on 1 bass ever over the course of 7 years). Maybe you could use a hygrometer and humidifier to control that if you're not traveling with it.
Thanks. That helps. its not like it's a big deal keeping it upstairs is tough. But I'd rather keep it in the basement.
Also be worth considering the humidity in the basement. Especially with a semi hollow, if the air is too dry the would can dry out and crack. as Unexistential said, look into getting a humidifier.
Basements are generally not an environment you'd want to keep a guitar in, considering humidity more than temperature. Temperature changes are okay as long as they are slow, humidity is another thing entirely.
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