So i have an old ds-1 laying around from when i first started and i thought it was some sort of pedal from heaven. Havent used it but now that i remember,.lots of people mod them.so i figured might as well mod it into a pedal i could use and save some money. So far i found a fuzz mod that i'm really interested in doing because i dont have a fuzz pedal and am interested in making one.(i'll probably end up being an actual later though)

But what other mods are there? i want to know all of them before i jump the gun on one of them and then later on find out about a better one.

There are a billion. Seriously, there's no way you could know "all of them." Given ten minutes, most decent pedal modders could come up with another one nobody has done before. The possibilities are, literally, endless.

If you found one you like, go for it. Lurking around forums and searching will yield lots of results, but there's just no way you're going to be aware of all of them. Just do a bit of research to find a bunch of options, pick one you like, and go for it. They're generally cheap and reversible, if done correctly.
I agree there are a billion, I had one i got in a trade and when i saw the resale value wasn't that great I just said screw it and sold it as stock I'll agree with todays pedals and stuff it's nothing to brag about but this pedals been out for ages and a lot of big names from Steve Vai who is fond of the Keely mods to Kurt Cobain used it.

there is the all kinds
Robert Keely's boss DS ultra and all seeing eye mods

analog man
there is a few to emulate the sound of a marshall
and everything mentioned here
Loads of mods out there if you google a bit, I modded mine to get more of an overdrive effect. I got a middle of the road pedal, low gain and it's a decent overdrive, still works as a distortion pedal if I crank the gain. I wasn't a big fan of the stock sound, but I've been really spoiled by a Ibanez SD 9 for many years...nothing I've ever played will match that pedal.
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There are a Whole Buncha mods available.

I think it would be an interesting (and probably unending) quest to seek to know all of them.

This is a bit like picking a woman. There's always a bit of "i want to know all of them before i jump the gun on one of them and then later on find out about a better one" in that pursuit, too.