Would 74-13 be too much to tune a 7 string in standard? I'don't like to tune lower also and hate floppy strings.
It would work, but that's very high tension for standard. What gauge are you playing now?
If you are playing lighter gauge strings now, I would suggest trying a set of 11s first.
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Yeah, that's a lot of tension for standard tuning. I would either go with 9-54 or 10-56. Honestly, back before the days of 7 string guitars or baritone guitars being popular, I would use 12-56 for tuning a 6 string down to B, so 13s for standard on a 7 string is pretty crazy. Bends would be a chore.
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That's pretty tight. What scale is it?

Personally for tight strings I like a 10-52 set with a 68 or 70 on the low end.
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