Hi. I've been trying to find ways on how to find head voice yet I haven't found a clear way of finding a method. Also, I'm not quite sure whether I've found my head voice because when I try to reach high notes in my chest voice, I do not feel resonance in my chest nor my head. This is getting real frustrating for me because I want to avoid straining my voice when singing high notes.

Also, I'm in a school choir and have been placed as a Tenor 2, while my choir director classifies me as a baritone. I also took a few private vocal lessons after dropping them due to too much money.

Any help would much be appreciated
Ok so I recently found that I've found my head voice the entire time. It was just that I got confused and thought that was my falsetto until searching around more on YouTube and was able to figure out how to differentiate my head voice and falsetto. My head voice sounded more powerful and was more easily controlled volume wise while my falsetto was quiet and couldn't get any louider. All this time I thought I had a really loud falsetto. :P

Here is a link to the video that I watched: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuuutXBIyYc