So yesterday I acquired a Behringer CS400 Compression Pedal to even out my tone. I know it's not great quality wise but I'm on a tight budget. Playing with it yesterday on a clean tone with all the pedal settings on mid I was getting a clean even tone, however today it has started to give distortion and fuzziness on each note even when the amp is set to clean with no fx.

Any idea how I can make it clean again? Is it just a fault in the pedal or are there better settings to play cleaner? I've messed about with the knobs but it's still fuzzy as, I'm playing a Line 6 Spider IV

How's the battery?
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How's the battery?

Fresh one put in yesterday, I know they guzzle batteries but I wouldn't expect it to go that quick, will stick in a fresh one and see if it sounds any better
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Try to get it swapped as it is either faulty or bad design.

If you're willing to donate the extra £££ I'll buy a better one but I have mouths to feed
I changed the battery today and it sounds fine again, weird I knew they guzzled batteries but I didn't think it was that bad, may have to invest in power leads otherwise it's gonna eat batteries
Did you leave a cable plugged into the pedal when you weren't using it?
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