I'm in a Pop-Punk band looking for a new bigger, louder amp from my VT20+ something with enough power without mic'ing up.

Got a budget of around £300 or 441.56 Dollars (Hopefully purchase in UK)

I like the sounds of Neck deep, so a New-Wave Pop Punk sound, particularly a fan of the UK Rock and Metal sounds of the VOX and the pedal effects,
love the way it's built into one compact unit.

I was thinking about getting a bigger version of the Valvetronix series, probably 80+ or even 120+ which max's my budget.

So, how overkill shall I go? If I should move away from the +'s where else should I look for more power and more valve sound?
If you can find the tone you like in the VT, get a bigger one. As low cost modeling amps go they are pretty decent. For more of an organic Vox sound, consider a Peavey Classic 30. It is an AC30 knockoff with plenty of juice to gig. Boatloads of British amp vibe. A Laney might also get you there within budget in the UK.
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Guthrie on tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmohdG9lLqY
I had a VT120+ before I stupidly traded it and the 2 12" speakers make a world of difference. Its a great upgrade from the VT20+!
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