I bet Amon Amarth is your favorite band

The vocals are superb! Really got that Amon Amarth viking feel. Very articulate, I can actually understand them! I do think you need to EQ the vocals though, there is a lot of rumble on the low end which is interfering with other frequencies in that range. Also a pop/click filter will help and using a de-esser to get rid of all those SSSSSS sounds.

So other than that, the production overall sounds great to me. Very huge and wide. The guitar tone is probably the best part in the production. The drums sound good but to me seems to be lacking that huge punch and seem very centered in the mix. But mixing drums to sound exceptionally good, as I am learning, is a pain in the ass!

I can't really comment on the bass, that is my weak point for metal songs, I can never seem to zero in on them well enough to form an opinion.

Now I know the style and structure of the song is all about preference so just take this lightly. I like solos but I understand they are not needed for every single metal song out there. The song seems to end abruptly but again, seems to be the style and not so much an artistic issue.

Now this last bit of criticism I want to put as nicely as possible (I really do not mean to sound like an ass) but it sounds exactly like Amon Amarth. I mean the song is good, the style is good, but Amon Amarth already does this. I'd like to see you mix up 10 of your influences into a song and for me personally if there is a riff that sounds too similar to a band I revise it. I absolutely do not want to sound like a rip-off of anyone so you gotta combine all your influences to form a whole new beast!

I hope none of this pissed you off cause I know that feeling all too well when you get critique, I do mean for all the best and like to help people since music is a big part of my life.

So without further adieu, tear me a new one for my song https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1694248
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Hello there.

This is a really cool song. The guitar tone is pretty much perfect and comes across nice and clean. As said above, your vocals are pretty awesome - I like the depth to them and the perfect amount of growl (not overdone like a lot of mine!). As apothegm said - a solo would have crowned it off nicely.

My only real criticism is the drums. They sound a little too much like they cam straight from the drum machine. It's always a problem trying to make synthetic drums sound real - and I sure as hell dont have the formula for it. The best advice I can give is to vary the velocity of some of the hits, try to use multi sample kits (ie differing velocities are different samples not just the same one with less gain), add a little lead/lag to the odd hit here and there.

One final thought - the bass needed more presence in the mix for my taste. Maybe try adding some mids to it to pick out the attack of the notes a little?

Anyway, nice job overall.

If you fancy some C4C - heres mine

Production-wise it's spot on man, I love the tone, not too gainy. The riff is pretty cool but it's nothing too original (sorry!). Pretty tight playing. Your vocals are fucking awesome though man, I wouldn't be huge into growling but you have it nailed down bro. I wish you'd held the 2:52 part for maybe 16 bars, it's so cool. The tremolo picking solo part sounded really good, I'd preferred to maybe add a second guitar playing a harmony or something but that's just opinion bro.
Overall nice job man, I dig the track, vocals are sick. I can't wait wait to hear more from you, you've earned yourself a subscriber
C4C?: This fucking floored me man, such a nice rhythm to it. Some seriously nice playing man, it's very clean and the tone isn't too gainy either. Maybe turn the bass up more in the mix, but that's just my opinion. 1:46 is probably my favourite part. I'd maybe tighten the ending up a bit. Overall though I really enjoyed it man, It wouldn't be the music i'd normally listen to but I was entertained for the duration of the song, Keep it up!
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