Very American feel to the thunderous gallop. Vocalist has a limited range but uses that almost to his advantage and has an almost calming delivery. Punctual shit that doesn't let a riff get boring so far. Got the full length on my radar for when it drops. Solid stuff, let's see what their full length does.
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I'm all ready to order their full-length. Everything about their sound and atmosphere just screams old school. The vocalist has this monotone wail that I dig. I do feel like he does it on purpose. It has a somber tone to it like some doom vocalists. I'm fairly certain the full-length will deliver.
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Got my copy of the album the other day. It's like they recorded this album in 1986 and then opened up a portal to 2016 and threw this into it. They have the old-school vibe thing almost down to a science. Production, structure, atmosphere, lyrics, etc. The riffs definitely deliver. Not high octane or super ballsy but will still have you banging your head to them. Actually they're pretty ballsy but I think the production is a little stiff. They have their formulation and they stick to it. Some might find that this makes for a narrow listening experience, but that was probably the intention. Anyway, one of the most accurate showings of true heavy metal from a modern record that I have heard. Definitely recommend.
Who are you? The prince of darkness? Don't you have any friends?

I like this, and I like you for showing it to me Kyto. One of handful of heavy metal aficionados I know of and respect. Very nice sound. Simple, yet effective.
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I appreciate you bumping this dawg, I'm always looking for the truest of metal. Definitely snagging this record.
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No problem, didn't want to talk about it too much until I had the full album. Figured most people here would dig it. I'd like to hear \powerslave/'s take on them, but alas.

Anyway dudes
Who are you? The prince of darkness? Don't you have any friends?