So recently ive been working on a project i call it the shred Paul, so what im doing is im building a les paul with emg pickups and im going to get a floyd rose frx when it comes out, but first the pickups i bought were emg 81 - 85. I bought these used at a local music shop, used for 90$ and what a got was a big jumble of wires i dont want so my question is where can i get the quick connect system to fit my les paul and where to get the toggle switch for it as i have no clue what the difference is. The guitar is a les paul special natural black body (cheap 500$ gibson i wouldnt mind putting money into) if anyone has the websites i can get this stuff please link it
I'd SO suggest stopping right there and rethinking.

Gibson has put out three LPs that already have Floyds recently: the Studio Shred, the Trad Pro (with Floyd) and the various Axcess models. All of these are better than an LP with an FRX (it's out and available and has been for a while).

Somewhere in that "big jumble of wires" you might want to double check that you're not tossing away the battery connector that you NEED to run those pickups, the 25k pots that you NEED to run those pickups.

Here's the thing. There's nothing really "shred" about what you'll end up with. You still have that clunky neck heel, a barely 12" radius fretboard, medium frets. Yes, there are people who can shred on an LP, but you do better.

I have an Axcess Custom, with the smooth neck heel and tummy cut and an original Floyd Rose. It was right around $4K.

At the other end of the spectrum, I have an Agile AL2000 Floyd, which cost me about $200 as a B stock. It's a set neck and came with jumbo frets, a 14" radius fretboard, a Floyd, a 24-fret fretboard (the 24th fret is positioned about where the 22nd is on a standard LP) and a "tilted" neck heel that works almost as well as an Axcess. I handed it to Gary Brawer for a PLEK and a fret superglue and a setup. Now THAT is an LP-ish that shreds.

I have an AL-3100 Floyd that's similar to the Gibson Studio Shred (clunky neck heel), except that it has an ebony fretboard, real MOP trap inlays, jumbo frets, a 14" radius fretboard, multi-layer binding on headstock and body (like a Gibson Custom) and single-layer binding on the fretboard. The Gibson Studio Shred ranged in price from about $1100 to $1800. The Agile was $200 used.

And I have a custom AL (with Floyd) that's a neck-through guitar with a full 3/4" figured maple cap, one-piece mahogany body (the neck is actually laid into a channel cut into the one-piece body). It has the same carved neck heel as the Axcess. I ordered it with 22 frets (24 are available), jumbo frets, ebony fretboard, abalone block inlays, multi-layer binding on body and headstock, single layer on the fretboard, a wide/thin neck profile (the nut is 1 3/4" wide), a 16" radius f/b, an OFR. With case, it was about $1100, but there's no Gibson analog.

Any of these guitars, of course, would work with the EMGs (I'm not a fan). And all of them are far closer to being a "shred" style guitar than an FRX on a standard LP.
I agree with dspellman , a typical gibson or epiphone you cannot really shred on, I like how Eddie Van Halen said "i dont want to fight the damn thing i want to play it" . I hate to accentuate on pickups i really do but lets look at a few highly regarded shredders as I used to be big on them and tell me when you see EMG pickups

Yngwie Malmsteen
Jason Becker
Steve Vai
John Petrucci
Dimebag Darrell
John 5 - yep the marilyn manson guy, his solo career he actually shreds
George Lynch (Dokken)
Shawn Lane
Joe Satriani
to newer bands like the guitarists of periphery

i only can think of Jeff Loomis, Andy James (youtube guy mostly} , Rusty Cooley, and Zakk Wylde or either guitarist of metallica.

medium or high output pickups is what you need, passives, a good quality guitar cable and amp and you're set, if there is still noise there is a few ways to fix this. the seymour duncan "Full shred" set is a random one off the top of my head. But the WORST things you can do is go signature pickups as the best thing about guitars is you could pass someone your guitar with the pedals and all plugged in and they won't sound like you, so pro player or not trying their gear it's the same phenomenon. Don't tell marketing teams at guitar shops , the other mistake people can make is buying a cool looking or cool sounding pickup, ooh dimarzio! exotic! ... the screaming demon! gawh i want my guitar to sound like that! it's all about the EQ of the pickups, our ability/skill to the very small stuff we never think of like picks, pickup height or string materials.

honestly if i was you I'd post the EMG pickups on ebay they sell for more than 90$ so you're not stuck with them. A kramer assault, agile , schecter, LTD eclipse and so forth. But go to a shop on a slow day and try one and see what you like. Personally I like Kahlers more like the G&L Rampage (Jerry Cantrell model). The only way I'd play a floyd rose is if it was an original from germany or korea (the 1000 series) with a brass big block.

for wiring , it says blackout but it's the same exact wiring
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Don't let comments discourage you blackice0304. If you think this stuff can work out then why not? Learn through trial and error works best for each individual. No clue on the wiring though... Just came here to wish you luck!
But you see i bought the pickups used at a store and i guess they came out of a schecter hellraiser or something as it only came with 2 volume pots and 1 tone pot which bothers me. And actually its not gonna really be a guitar for shredding but more of as a guitar for playing stuff like metallica and its gonna be a metal riff guitar. And i already bought the guitar and im not gonna go take it back, because i spent the money on it because it was cheap and i was going to build it on a budget mainly, so i cant afford a 2000$ guitar.
Quote by blackice0304
i spent the money on it because it was cheap and i was going to build it on a budget mainly, so i cant afford a 2000$ guitar.

And you completely missed the $200 guitars?
Dspellman the point of this forum isnt to argue but to help others and it was cheap it was a 500$ gibson used i payed for half and my dad payed for half
Don't take this the wrong way but you really sound like you don't know what you are doing, so I would advise against tearing apart a Gibson LP and trying to put EMG's and a Floyd Rose on it, you will probably just damage it beyond feasible repair.

Keep the LP as is and buy one of the Agiles Dspellman mentioned or an LTD Eclipse or something if you want to shred.
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