It certainly doesn't sound bad, I think most of the stuff you play here is pretty cool and you effortlessly combine faster and slower parts. I think you're technically very clean, and you have a good grasp on vibrato.

But there's a problem... that problem being context. Improvisation is pretty bland without context. After gaining a little bit of experience in guitar playing and improvisation you'll realize that it's not difficult to string together notes and licks that sound good. Actually, anyone with little experience and good ears can do it. But improvising meaningfully on top of a backing track, or even better, jamming live with other people? That's not easy. I'm not saying that your playing here was bad, quite the opposite, I think you have some mean skills. But in my honest opinion, improvising an isolated solo over nothing is a meaningless exercise, because it frankly tells nothing of your ability to improvise.
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