They're new to me at least

I have no idea what the brand is on this, anyone familiar?

I know the tele is somewhat modded; that's not the original pickguard and that's a fender vintage pickup (I think?) in the bridge. But otherwise those are as I got them from a friend. They both need new strings though

EDIT: Just played around a bit more with both. They both definitely need new strings, but the semi-hollow has quite a lot of fret buzz. If I can't fix it on my own, I might consider pawning it. It's not a bad guitar by any means but I don't have space for it and I don't want to sink money into it if it's not going to play well. Seems to be in relatively decent shape other than the buzz as far as I can tell
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Quickie demos of each. First take and first time playing guitar today so the playing is definitely a bit on the sloppy side


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You have some incredible friends to have them given to you for free.



I think Rondomusic sells this brand of guitar as well.

Those price tags! Even used that's amazing

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SX have a decent reputation, fairly common here in Oz. Are they related to Agile?

Not sure. A friend of mine texted me last night saying her fiance was just going to donate them to Goodwill and asked if I wanted them instead. Worst comes to worst I just donate them. So I know nothing
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Those price tags! Even used that's amazing

That's only the suggested price tag. Not the price the guitars actually sell for in retail. $700 for an SX is crazy high.
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Nice guitars. I especially like the semi-hollow. It's beautiful and with new strings probably sounds even better. Good luck.
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
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SX have a decent reputation, fairly common here in Oz. Are they related to Agile?

No. Agile is a house brand exclusive to Rondo Music.

SX (used to be Essex) is a "common" brand sold almost worldwide (and Rondo Music sells them as well). They're inexpensive guitars, but surprisingly decent quality.