So I purchased a DIY les Paul kit and assembled it and it worked fine. Today I noticed that when I tried playing a note on the 22nd fret on the high e and it would hit the screw on the neck pickup so I lower the screw so the strong wouldn't hit it anymore. Then, when I plugged it in my amp I heard this static sound and it was constant until I touch a few metal parts. I watched a few videos and they said its probably the ground wire that's the issue so I replaced the ground wire and it still doesn't work. My wires are all in the right place but I don't know what's the problem at this point. It was when I tightened one of the screws on the neck pickup that this started to happen, any suggestions on what I should do?

TLR I built a guitar and it worked great until I noticed that when I play the 22nd note on the high e string it would hit the screw thing on my pickup so I lowered it and now it makes a static sound when I plug it into an amp.
Oh it's supposed to be TL : DR but it put a smiley face... Anyways what I forgot to add on the TL : DR is that I replaced my ground wire but it still makes the static sound.
well buzzing in general is grounding issues. Alright this is what I'd do.

switch around the pickup selector, see if its just one pickup
if it's all what I'd do next is touch the bridge or stoptail , if the buzzing goes away its the string ground

if it isn't remember with les pauls it's a trail outside of the guitar

also don't forget to make sure the switches wires are in the right places, sleeve and tip mixed up will give you a buzzing sound plugged in

this is the 1950s way of doing a les paul wiring for reference, don't worry about how the capacitors and all are done unless you want the pros to this harness. I'd just focus on the trail ground is on for reference.
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Thanks for your support but I tried the selector switch and its not just one pickup, then I tried touching the bridge and stoptail and nothing happened.

What I noticed is that the static goes away when I touch either of the pickups, the bolt where I connect the amp wire to the guitar, and also the metal part from my amp that the wire goes into.

I'm pretty sure I did my wiring right, I checked the diagram you posted and also tried others and they are all basically the same thing. If you'd like I can show you what the wiring looks like if you could understand what I'm doing wrong.

There should be a ground wire (what tallwood is referring to as a string ground) connected to your bridge somewhere in the inside. It's normal that when you're not touching the strings or bridge or anything to get a little noise (this can be helped with shielding) but when you touch the strings or any metal part of the guitar the noise should go away if the bridge is grounded properly.

I'm wondering if maybe that string ground wire going to your bridge was routed underneath the pickup and when you lowered the pickup it pushed that ground wire down enough that it broke the connection.

That string ground usually comes off of one of the pots, as shown in tallwood's diagram, but it could come off of any ground since they should all be connected. Sometimes it has it's on hole drilled through the interior that leads to the bottom of the bridge, or if it has a whammy bar it will go through a hole to the cavity where the springs are and is soldered to the spring claw. Regardless, there will be somewhere that a ground wire connects to the bridge in some way, but I don't know where on your guitar.
If you want I could send you a picture of my wiring and explain the wires by colour