Hey, I'm looking to buy a new amp primarily for playing blues and jazz. Someone recommended the Peavey classic series of amplifiers, and when I looked them up, I noticed they have several models. Here are the models with the only differences between them I could find:

  • Classic 30—30 watt, 1x12 config
  • Classic 50 212—50 watt, 2x12 config, includes a presence knob
  • Classic 50 412—50 watt, 4x12 config, includes a presence knob
  • Delta Blues 115—30 watt, 1x15 config, includes tremolo but no presence
  • Delta Blues 210—30 watt, 2x10 config, includes tremolo but no presence

All the innards of these amps are the same (beside the presence and tremolo, but I don't care about that too much). It seems the main difference lies in the speaker configuration. Can anyone who has had experience with several of these amps or who just has experience with similar amps in different speaker configs tell me which speaker config seems to sound the best for you, especially for playing blues and jazz? I'm not concerned about wattage, any of these should do fine for my playing, its just the sound difference the size and number of speakers make that I'm interested in.
1x15. I love the delta blues.
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I've heard all of them, played a couple, the 50 watt 410 is the one I'd go with. That amp sounds fabulous for rock and blues. It's very similar to the Fender Super Reverb I play, with a little higher gain preamp stage. Excellent sounding amp.

I'm not a fan of 15" speakers for guitar, bass tends to get too boomy if you're not careful.

The Classic 30 is a nice little amp, but too much treble and not enough low end. I passed up a great deal on one around 1995, later found out I could have done a little soldering and made it sound a lot better. But don't get it unless you want loads of treble and not much bass...and don't want to do a little soldering. The board is also a two piece folded into the chassis, took me 30 minutes to get the damn thing out when I modded one for a friend, and around 20 minutes to get it put back together. I can have my Super Reverb on the table in 5 minutes and don't have to pull the board itself.

The Classic 50 is a killer amp too, I've never played one but have heard them many times onstage, Van Wilks used one for several years. Loud as hell cranked and sounds really good, which one is for you just depends on whether you like the 4x10 or 2x12 speaker sound. I've played a 4x10 amp for 15 years, I love it. I've heard the Peavey 410 version, but not played it, probably my favorite of their Classic lineup.

diabolical - there's no such thing as a Classic 30 2x12...it's only made in a 1x12 combo.
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Based on the preceding, I'd have absolutely NO idea what to buy.

Obviously the truth is that there is no "best." There's not even a "best" for the specific music you want to play.

My personal favorite for this kind of music is a Carvin Belair or Nomad (same chassis, choice of 2x12 or 1x12), with a 50W EL84 chassis with a gorgeous clean channel and a pretty decent Soak (gain) channel. In fact, my personal favorite is the Belair with a set of well-broken-in Vintage 30's and a set of small modifications (google "Hasserl Mods" and look at the Stage II set). The external tolex on new ones is a faux tweed. Mine was a very trashed used version that now has real lacquered tweed on the outside (still not my favorite, but I put it on there after the other stuff was ripped off and the bare wood painted flat black by the previous owner). It sings.

But it's MY personal favorite, and while I like it, you may not. I can't pass it off as The Best anything, except that it's a very good place to set your beer at 1:30am and it seems to be fairly liquid-proof when there are minor sloshes. I have something north of 15 tube amps, and when I go to do blues and jazz (which I'm not very good at), it's almost always my companion.
My preference would be the Delta blues 1x15. But it's a kind of unique sound, so try it first if you can. Kind of big and swampy IMO
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I have a classic 50 2x12. Great sounding amp. Seems perfect to me.

I didn't consider the Classic 30, because I prefer the sonic benefits of multiple speakers over a single speaker.

The Delta series, well... I don't need tremolo. 15" speaker, while interesting, just seemed to be unusual enough to avoid going down that road.

Came down to the choice of Classic 50 4x10 or 2x12. I went with the 2x12 because, it's cheaper to do speaker swaps from a number of speakers perspective. A wide variety of speaker options in the 12" market. And, more than likely, you'll want to replace the stock speakers - they're not bad, but there are better speakers available. Replacing 4x10 speakers to experiment, just seems costly and the options are not as varied.

Your money though, I'd suggest trying them out if you can. The real hard decision to make is Tweed or Black Tolex.
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