So I went to GC with every intention of buying a BadCat HotCat 15. I saw it at a different store than my own, but I know I can order them and have them shipped for pickup. It was used, it good condition, and the price was right.

It was 1/1/16 and GC was very busy, so I had to be wait to be served on. I was browsing, when a Gibson LP caught my eye. 2015, on clearance. I asked a sales rep if I could play it, figuring it would have the g-force on it. It didn't. Apparently it was part of a sprint run that Gibson did without the auto tuners, with a normal 50s size neck. It's a relatively normal traditional with the exception of the nut. Which, once I get in the groove of playing, I forget that it's not the old style nut.

I don't have soundclips, though I have pictures, and I can describe to you in detail as best as I can, how it sounds.

The pickups are apparently '59s . My only comparison is my other Les Paul, which has Shaw PAFs in them. The '59s are definitely a lot brighter. Brighter in a good way, not thin. Rolling back the tone knob on the bridge pickup doesn't just muddy things up like it can on some pickups. The neck pickup is again, brighter than my '86, but it is a typical neck pickup. However again, it's not thin. My '86 has more low end on both pickups, while this one has a bit more bite.

This guitar, plus a distortion pedal, plus a tube amp, was excellent. Some serious crunch. I don't know the output on these, but it sounds outstanding.

Two final things before the pictures. If you are looking to attain the perfect 1958/9 sound, I would not recommend this. The guitar is "traditional" in the way that it is the only one in Gibson USA's lineup with hand wiring and no weight relief per their website. If you want sweet looking Les Paul, with an excellent sound. I'd check it out.

Full Frontal Shot




Back of Headstock & Neck

The Family

Furthest away to closest:

* 2001 MIM Fender Stratocaster in Violet
* AVRI 1962 Fender Telecaster in Sunburst
* 2015 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Sprint Run in Honey Burst
* Japanese Fender P-Bass in Candy Apple Red
* 1986 Gibson Les Paul Studio Standard in Black
* Dillion PRS Copy with a Red Quilt Top

Not pictured


* Takamine Martin Copy from the early 70s


* 1964 Blonde Bandmaster matching head/cab
* Fender Blues Junior
* Fender Roc Pro 700 - Hybrid combo amp from the 90s
* Fender Montreux - Solid State combo amp from the 80s
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Dig the color man! HNLPD
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I still don't like that "Les Paul 100" on the headstock for 2015, but that's a stunning looking guitar otherwise. Very nice. Have fun with it!
I can see how that would put some people off.

I didn't see that and say "I want that one, I love the Les Paul 100." I guess it just doesn't matter to me.

It's just another Les Paul that happened to have some commemorative year celebration on it, to me.
My 2014 LP Classic has the anniversary inlay on the 12th fret. Wasn't a big fan of the inlay but no one has noticed it or at least commented on it negatively and frankly I usually forget it's there most of the time.
Nice guitar man!
Nice axe!

...nicer collection!
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Beautiful guitar, man! I'm hoping to get a Les Paul in the future, the 2015's seem to fit my style, as I like a wide fingerboard! Enjoy it in good health
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My 2014 LP Classic has the anniversary inlay on the 12th fret. Wasn't a big fan of the inlay but no one has noticed it or at least commented on it negatively and frankly I usually forget it's there most of the time.
Nice guitar man!

I feel like Gibson has done so many things wrong that altered with the actual functionality and sound of the guitar, I can handle some small writing.

Plus I live close to where Les himself was born. It'd be silly for me to think it was ugly
Nice, but someone has nicked 2 strings from that one in the middle of the '"family shot". . If you Google Gibson pickups there is info on relative "hotness" of pups (often presented in the form of bar charts). The wider fretboard I found ideal on my 2015 LP deluxe until - sadly ,- I had to return it as it had quality issues on the finish - real shame as it was very nice to play!
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excellent nice collection too
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