Hey guys, how's it going. I have a Jackson DK2M MIJ with a "Licensed Under Floyd Pats" floating tremolo bridge. Recently I ended up over tightening one of my locking screws and the head broke off of the screw it's self (Pictures below). So I ended up just relacing the entire saddle. But now i cant find a screw that will fit the hole. All the "Floyd locking screws" are too small.

I also tried a regular nut lock screw from the headstock but that was a tad too short to even lock the string. Can anyone help me out with finding the screw so I can order a piece in? Links would be great.

I've already tried taking my guitar to 3 (yes really, 3) guitar shops, (2 local shops and a guitar center) and they always tell me, "Sorry man, we don't have a screw that fits"

Thanks! Appreciate it!
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Where are you located?

Also, where did you get the new saddle from?
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That looks like a Jackson JT580LP bridge. Try using that in the google search. A hardware store (or someplace online) may be a good bet too if you can't find it.
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Why not talk to Jackson?

I couldn't find a part locally for my Godin, called them and they're shipping it to me.

HUGE +1. i have needed small parts for a few things that i called the manufacturer and i have had great results. most of the time they were free. for a carburetor (Demon) they made me pay a few bucks shipping, but it is probably the best thing to do.
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