Okay I know my open chords and barre chords and yes, I know the theory and almost all variations of barre chords on the first two strings (sus2, 4, maj/min 7,6,9, etc) and other embellishments. I understand about why the notes are arranged the way they are when moving to the next chord, and the popular chord progression's but what next? I'm completely stuck right now so in the meantime I'm just working on my speed (which has improved greatly due 2 barre chords)
But I really want to advance further but don't know were to go. There's a specific genre and sound I want to play but there are no tutorials or tabs online for this kind of musc DX
What should I learn and center my guitar playing around if I want to play like this:


(This is my FAVORITE)

Or like


(They're 20 seconds vids BTW)

Another example would be the song Over Again by Bluebeard.
Im trying to get a melodic punk midwest emo sound