I hope this is the right threat. I've taken a guitar pro file written by someone else and added the drum track to it. I was wondering what the proper way to share this on the website would be. Should I contact person who originally transcribed the song or upload it myself and mention that I used them as a basis? Thanks
When you submit a tab for a song there is a drop down you can choose just for DRUM tab... You could just submit the DRUM tab by itself and take all the credit...

To me though if you are taking a pre-existing tab and adding to it ...

I would first ask the person whose tab it is if you can use his pre-existing tab and add the drum section to it and then add his name as the contributor of all parts except DRUM. After he responds I would then submit the tab.

if you contact him and he doesn't respond in a reasonable amount of time then I would just add to his tab but still acknowledge his name as the contributor for all instruments except DRUM.

Lastly, you can basically add a NOTE at the beginning of the tab saying almost exactly what you stated in this thread so people know what was done and by who.
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