Hello everyone,

I need help to identify what is the exact model of this Ibanez Gio. it has 'N427' at the back, Set-Through-Neck, and has no serial. I saw this on used guitar market for only $200. The owner says that the serial number has fell off and he forgot the exact model as he has a lot of guitars. I am planning to buy this today. Please help me identify the model or tell me if its Fake or Legit. I don't actually mind the exact model just wanna confirm the authenticity. Thank you so much.

Ah the old serial number fell off, of course.

I'm not an Ibanez expert but how exactly would the number fall off?
there isnt really enough money in the gios to make money off of a fake, but i suppose it could be done. its older, i can tell you that, but not too old. because of the inlays, take a look at variations of the GRG170DX.


good luck.
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aren't the serial numbers usually printed on? not placed on a sticker...? that seems weird as hell to me.