I stopped into my locally-owned music shop today and I chuckled and made a remark to the owner about how his gently used Bugera 333 XL hadn't sold yet. I told him that for the money, I thought Bugera's were decent amps. After a few minutes of discussion, he said, "it's yours for $200, I just want it out of here."

So what do you guys think? Should I pick this up when I get paid next week or nah? I'm not a gigging guitarist, but I sincerely miss my 5150. I'm not necessarily in the market for a new amp, but for $200, it sounds pretty sweet.

Btw, I completely understand and acknowledge Bugera's spotty track record which is one reason I'm hesitant. I'm not sure if this was one of the earlier models that had all the electrical problems.
Chances are that the previous owner sold it because it kept breaking down. Bugeras are known to be unreliable amps. I used to own a brand new 6262 and it had a bad transformer and bad tubes right out of the box.
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If it's a newer model, it might last okay. Most of the issues regarding Bugera were the older ones IIRC (could be wrong though) but keep in mind they still don't have the best track record for quality (so you will be risking that)

On that note, if you saved up a bit more, you could probably get a used 6505 combo which I think is a better bang for your buck.
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at that price it might be gone, but I would wonder why someone just wants it gone
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get a blackstar bruh
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You're aware that putting "may" in captions means you essentially typed out "I buy an amp next week" right?


huu with my mad linguistics yo.
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If he just wants it out of his store, haggle.
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