I'm looking analog rack or pedal size guitar amplifier and speaker simulator
what can be used with cabinet or PA. It needs to be easily transportable.

Budget is max 200€.
If its better and worth more. I Can Also consider spending more.

I was thinking maybe SansAmp Para Driver is right thing for me?
I also need XLR output from amp.
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i just got a boss me80... its great- except for the wah. it was $299 new. i saw used ME50s on craigslist for under $200.
Do you want DI or amplification or are you asking about both?

Tech 21 stuff is great for DI, their Sansamps are pretty neat. The EHX Magnum is a 44w pedal-sized power amp. The POD HD500 is quite popular for DI digital modeling, I am sure you could find one in good conditioned used if you do some searching. Hotone has some tiny 5w amps that could fit on your board.
I would like to have DI box, amplification and speaker simulator in one.
Or amplification and speaker simulator in one.
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DI box, amplification and speaker simulator in one.
Or amplification and speaker simulator in one.
If you have power amplification you are going to need a speaker cabinet of some sort anyway. Unless you are using a load box, then you have a DI of sorts so then you have two DIs...

So you need a power amp (stage volume), with speaker simulation, and a DI.

Why not just a normal amp (combo or head/cab) and use a mic?
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I don't want any digital modeling amps. Only expensive ones sounds good.

In that case you will likely have to spend more than 200€.
Something that does all the things you want would be a Laney IRT Studio or H&K Tubemeister - they cost around 500€. They're nice, with the Laney doing high gain very well while the H&K is better suited for mid-gain rock music.

Might try an Engl E530, too, if the tiny (3w or so) poweramp in it is enough for you.

On the cheap, the old Vox Tonelabs might be worth a shot (the large blue floorboard ones), as they can be found used under 200€. I never liked the built-in speaker sim though, so I'd look into an external sim (around 50€ used for a Palmer or older H&K unit). They also can't drive a cab on their own.
Really liked mine in front of a regular old guitar amp.
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Normal amp would be too big for me. No room to store it. Also I don't own a car to transport a amp.
I allready have a 12w combo amp in my apartment.
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I use an AMT SS-11B with a Two Notes Torpedo CAB, and am very happy with it. Not sure exactly what you're looking for sound-wise but there's also the SS-11A. The AMT units have emulated outs too, in case you can't afford something like the CAB too. The Effectrode Blackbird seems to get a fair bit of praise too.

FYI, I've consolidated my entire rig to a small pedal board and play through my PC's bookshelf monitors via a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4.
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